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People powered profile: Carrie Dodge

For the latest instalment of Astute’s People Powered Profile series, Aaron Rayner, Senior Recruitment Partner specialising in Anaerobic Digestion, spoke with Carrie Dodge, Business Manager of Rockscape Energy, about her career in the energy sector.

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Can you tell us a bit about your career journey so far?

So in my career, I’ve had a variety of different jobs, really.

I have been a sports coach, a lifeguard, and my most recent role before entering the AD sector was as a teacher for almost 12 years.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans for my career. I then ended up in the AD industry, where I’m now a Business Manager at Rockscape Energy.

What are some of the projects you’ve been involved in?

At Rockscape, we’re always really busy with different projects.

During the four years that I’ve been here, we’ve done a full digester clean-out, which involved three tanks worth of digestate.

We’ve done roof replacements, office and lab refurbishments, and we’ve also increased our waste storage capacity by installing extra tanks.

How much has the Renewable industry changed during your years within it?

Within my four years in the AD industry, I’ve seen changes, especially during the COVID-19 situation, where feedstocks were in high demand but short supply, leading to price increases.

We’ve had to change our recipe here from mainly agricultural feedstocks to incorporating more waste.

Additionally, gas prices have fluctuated significantly due to global events.

What are some of the biggest challenges the Renewable industry is facing?

Post-COVID, the industry is struggling for feedstocks again.

There’s a short supply of feedstocks and parts, with many parts being sourced from abroad.

From a personnel point of view, the industry is quite short of people who are specifically trained in AD because there are no dedicated courses. People who want to work in the industry often don’t know much about it.

So, when I’m recruiting for any position, the skillsets are all quite similar, regardless of the role.

At Rockscape, we need people who are willing to work as a team.

Teamwork is vital in this industry, as are communication skills, reliability, and being proactive within your role.

What are some of the skill sets you’re seeing high demand for in the Renewable sector?

I see high demand for good people in all areas of the power sector, particularly in operations and maintenance management and high-quality controls and instrument technicians.

With experienced managers moving on, it can be difficult to find a good mix of technical, people, operational, and commercial management skills.

What do you enjoy most about working in the Renewable industry?

What I really enjoy is that no day is ever the same.

We don’t have typical Monday-to-Friday days because the plant operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I enjoy not having a routine, as I have to be proactive in maximising the plant’s efficiency.

What advice would you give your younger self as you embarked upon your career?

I would tell my younger self not to be afraid of society.

As a teenage girl interested in engineering, it was challenging because women in engineering were rare back then.

Now, it’s different.

I would encourage my younger self to go for those goals, not to be afraid of learning something new, and to gain new qualifications, as every little bit helps to enhance your transferable skills.

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