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lakeside north harbour with large-scale solar pv storage plans

Large-scale solar PV and battery storage system at Lakeside

Portsmouth Council has announced plans to install a large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage system at Lakeside North Harbour, which is home to Astute.

The ground-breaking project will include roof-mounted solar PV arrays across five buildings, one of the largest solar parking canopy arrays in the UK, and a large battery storage system. It is anticipated that work will start in 2023.

Across the UK, both businesses and residents are seeing steep increases in energy bills, however, this project will see commercial occupiers of Lakeside North Harbour offices protected from increasing electricity costs.

The Large-scale solar PV and battery storage plans include:

  • 1,900 roof-mounted solar PV panels will be installed across the five buildings at Lakeside North Harbour
  • An additional 8,000 solar PV panels will be installed above existing car parking spaces, forming solar canopies.
    These combined projects will have a total renewable electricity generation capacity of 4.5 megawatts (MW) and are set to save 992 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted each year.
  • Installation of a number of electric vehicle (EV) charging points alongside the solar PV and battery project, along with the infrastructure to install additional charging points as onsite demand increases.
  • 2MW battery installation to enable excess electricity to be stored and used during peak periods of demand.

To maximise the consumption of electricity generated from the solar PV panels, the 2MW battery will have the capacity to store any excess electricity and power approximately 2,000 homes instantaneously.

This means an increase in carbon emissions savings and further reductions of onsite electricity costs.

The battery will also be used for ‘grid services’, which allows power to be stored or discharged as required by the National Grid, to help balance other renewable sources of generation and periods of peak electricity demand.

The solar PV and battery installation is expected to start in autumn 2022 and be completed by summer 2023. When complete, the electricity generated by the solar PV system will total around 4.1 gigawatt-hours (GWh) every year and provide up to 38% of the site’s electricity requirement, the equivalent of over 1,000 homes’ typical annual electricity consumption.

Commenting on the project, Cllr Kimberly Barrett, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, said:

“It is great to see that we are continuing to build a portfolio of energy-saving projects across the city with the addition of this solar PV and battery at Lakeside.

“This will help to support our tenants, local businesses, and residents in a time when energy bills are rising.

“The inclusion of further EV charging points will encourage and support more people to transition to electric vehicles as a reliable mode of transport, therefore reducing their carbon footprint in a time of climate emergency.

“By adding this project to our energy-saving initiatives across the city and working alongside our big employers, it is a big step in the right direction towards achieving our city-wide net zero targets by 2030.”

Simon Bateman, Lakeside Asset Manager, said:

“This is an amazing opportunity for Lakeside and its occupiers to demonstrate sustainability and environmental social governance credentials.

“Not only will most of the common electricity used on-site be generated on-site, but also occupiers will be able to save on spiralling electricity costs and reduce their carbon emissions whilst benefitting from the wellbeing Lakeside offers.”

The work is the latest in a series of solar PV and battery projects being managed by Portsmouth City Council’s in-house energy services team.

The team are also managing a major solar PV and battery project which is underway at Portsmouth International Port.

The energy services team has installed more solar across the council’s buildings portfolio than any other UK local authority, across schools, leisure centres and housing properties.

Astute’s view on the large-scale solar PV and battery storage plans

Terry Buckel, CEO and Founder of Astute added:

“This is great news for the area and environment.

“As a business, we are committed to recruiting great people to power a sustainable world, and this step aligns extremely well with our values and goals.

“To have it literally on our doorstep is a fantastic added bonus!”

The Lakeside project, when complete, will be the largest single solar project ever undertaken by the council.