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Who are Astute People?

Astute People was founded as Astute Technical Recruitment by Terry Buckel in 2006.

We changed our name in 2023 to Astute People and are a specialist technical recruitment agency.

We specialise in:

  • Power Generation recruitment
  • Renewable energy recruitment
  • Nuclear recruitment

What are the benefits of partnering with Astute People?

At Astute People, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in:

  • Power Generation recruitment
  • Renewable energy recruitment
  • Nuclear energy recruitment

Partnering with us offers numerous benefits:

  1. Specialised expertise: With our dedicated focus on the Power, Renewable and Nuclear energy sectors, we bring specialised expertise and deep industry knowledge to the recruitment process. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the Power, Renewable and Nuclear energy industries, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to our clients and candidates. You can find out more about our expert team by visiting our Meet the team page.
  2. Extensive network: Over the years, we have built an extensive network of top-tier talent and leading companies in the energy space. Our vast network enables us to connect qualified candidates with exciting job opportunities and helps our clients access the best talent available in the market.
  3. Personalised Approach: We take a personalised approach to recruitment, taking the time to understand the specific needs and goals of both our clients and candidates. By fostering strong relationships and open communication, we ensure that we match the right candidate with the right company, leading to successful placements and long-term partnerships.
  4. Comprehensive services: From executive search and talent acquisition to candidate screening and placement, we offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking to fill a single position or build an entire team, we have the expertise and resources to support you every step of the way. To find out more about Astute’s technical recruitment solutions, visit our Looking to hire page.
  5. Proven track record: With a proven track record of more than 10,000 successful placements and satisfied clients, Astute People has earned a reputation for excellence in the renewable energy recruitment industry. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and professionalism sets us apart and makes us the trusted specialist energy recruitment partner of choice for many companies and candidates alike.

Partnering with Astute People gives you access to unparalleled expertise, resources, and support, helping you achieve your recruitment goals efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the renewable energy sector.

What sectors does Astute People's Power Generation recruitment team specialise in?

Our Power Generation recruitment expertise spans various sectors, encompassing a broad spectrum of technical and operational proficiencies. We have successfully sourced talent for prominent companies in the power station industry, ranging from major operators to burgeoning enterprises across the UK. Our recruitment portfolio extends to Gas Power Stations, Energy from Waste Power Stations, Biomass Power Stations, Decentralised Power, Standby Power, and Small Scale Power Generation.

You can view all of our latest Power Generation jobs by visiting the Looking for a job page of our website.

What sectors does Astute People's Renewable energy recruitment team specialise in?

Astute’s Renewable energy division proudly collaborates with industry leaders dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for all.

Our team specialises in Renewable energy recruitment, spanning Anaerobic Digestion, Solar, Wind, Battery Storage, Carbon Capture, Hydrogen, and Emerging Technologies. From established international corporations to dynamic startups, our diverse clientele reflects the vibrant landscape of this burgeoning sector.

As global energy demands surge, the imperative to transition from traditional fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives intensifies. In response, companies are pioneering innovative technologies, driving demand for skilled professionals to meet evolving industry needs.

You can view our latest Renewable energy jobs on our the Looking for a job page of our website.

What sectors does Astute People's Nuclear energy recruitment team specialise in?

Drawing inspiration from the formidable reputation of nuclear-class submarines, our Nuclear division stands as a cornerstone of our company ethos. Our Recruitment Consultants specialise in recruiting diverse skillsets across Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Construction, Research and Development, Decommissioning, and Waste Management. We proudly collaborate with esteemed UK employers to provide top-tier talent, bolstering the nation’s nuclear strategy during this pivotal phase of sectoral evolution

You can view our latest Nuclear energy jobs on our the Looking for a job page of our website.

Do you offer permanent, or contract placements for energy sector roles?

Astute recruits both permanent and contract opportunities.

What types of business do you recruit for?

As a specialist recruitment agency, Astute People cater to a diverse range of businesses across various industries. From small startups and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations, we have experience partnering with businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our technical expertise extends to Power Generation, Renewable and Nuclear energy. Whether you’re a cutting-edge startup looking for top Engineers or a global institution seeking skilled Energy C-suite professionals, we have the resources and expertise to meet your recruitment needs. Our tailored approach ensures that we understand the unique requirements and culture of each business we work with, enabling us to deliver customised recruitment solutions that drive success. Partner with Astute People to access a vast network of top talent and streamline your hiring process for optimal results.

What makes Astute a specialist energy recruiter?

Astute stand out as a specialist energy recruiter for several reasons. Firstly, we possess a deep understanding of the complex challenges encountered by Power Generation, Renewable, and Nuclear energy businesses. This industry insight allows us to provide tailored recruitment solutions that address the unique needs of our clients.

Secondly, our track record speaks for itself. With our expertise, we’ve successfully filled niche role profiles and have facilitated over 10,000 job placements in the energy sector. This extensive experience demonstrates our ability to match top-tier talent with the specific requirements of energy-related positions.

Lastly, our vast network sets us apart. We’ve cultivated a deep network comprising both passive and active candidates within the power, nuclear, and renewable energy fields. This network enables us to access a pool of highly qualified professionals, ensuring that we can connect our clients with the best talent available in the industry.

Astute People’s combination of industry expertise, proven track record, and extensive candidate network positions us as the go-to choice for businesses seeking specialised recruitment services in the energy sector.

What types of positions does Astute recruit?

Astute People recruit a broad range of Power Generation, Renewable and Nuclear job opportunities, including:

  • Asset Manager
    Assistant Operations Technician – Energy from Waste
    Assistant Plant Operator
    Assistant Site Manager
    ATEX Inspector
    Authorised Person & LOTO Officer
    Authorising Engineer – Energy from Waste Fleet
    Building Services Engineer
    C&I Technician – 12 month FTC
    Cable Jointer Team Leader
    Chartered Civil / Structural Engineer
    CHP Operator – Timber Processing
    Civil Engineering Supervisor
    Civil Lead Engineer
    Civils Site Design Coordinator
    Coded Welder – Energy from Waste Servicing
    Commissioning Operator
    Completions Manager
    Compliance Engineer
    Construction / Site Manager
    Contract Manager
    Control Room Manager
    Control Room Technician
    Day Shift Team Leader – Energy from Waste Power Station
    Design Manager
    Director of Controls and Hardware Products – Renewables
    Document Controller
    EC&I Engineer – CCGT Power Station
    EC&I Engineering Manager
    EC&I Team Leader – new Energy from Waste Power Station
    EC&I Technician
    Electrical and Instrumentation Technician – CHP
    Electrical Design Engineer
    Electrical Engineer
    Electrical Maintenance Technician
    Electrical Project Engineer
    Electrical Site Manager
    Electrical Technician – Energy from Waste Power Station
    Engineering & Maintenance Manager – CHP
    Engineering and Integration Manager – Biomass Power Station
    Engineering Consultant
    Engineering Manager – CCGT Power Station
    Engineering Manager (Nuclear Safety)
    Enhanced Technician – Energy from Waste
    Environment, Health & Safety Manager
    Environmental Manager
    Estimating Manager
    Field Electrical Engineer – CCGT Power Stations
    Field Service Engineer
    Field Service Team Leader – Solar
    Fitter – Energy from Waste Servicing
    Gasification Consultant
    Graduate Mechanical Design Engineer
    Graduate System Support Analyst
    Health and Safety Advisor
    Health and Safety Manager- Nuclear
    HSE Advisor
    HSE Manager
    HV Maintenance Technician
    Junior BESS Electrical Engineer
    Lead Consultant – Civil Nuclear
    Lead Cost Engineer
    Lead Mechanical Technician – Brand new EfW Power Station
    Lead Plant Operator
    Lead Rotating Plant Engineer – CCGT Power Station
    Lift and Inspection Technician
    Maintenance Engineer
    Maintenance Manager
    Maintenance Planner – Energy from Waste
    Major Projects Project Manager – ICP
    Mechanical Craftsperson – Biomass Power Station
    Mechanical Design Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer – Energy from Waste
    Mechanical Site Supervisor
    Mechanical Support Engineer – Biomass Power
    Mechanical Technician
    Multi-Skilled Technician
    Nuclear Quality Engineer
    Nuclear Waste Engineer
    OCGT Plant Engineer
    Operations Manager
    Operations Technician
    Organics Manager – Anaerobic Digestion & IVC
    Outage and Retrofit Engineer – Energy from Waste
    Outage Engineer – Energy from Waste Power Station
    P6 Planner- Nuclear
    Parts Advisor
    Performance Optimisation Lead Engineer
    Permit Office Technician
    Planning Capability Lead
    Plant Layout Engineer- Nuclear
    Plant Operator/Technician – Anaerobic Digestion
    Plant Supervisor – Anaerobic Digestion
    Plant/Site Operator – Anaerobic Digestion
    Pressure Parts Site Supervisor – Energy from Waste Servicing
    Principal Cable Engineer
    Principal Environmental Consultant EIA
    Principal Mechanical Design Engineer
    Principal Ornithologist
    Principal Power Systems Engineer
    Principal Project Planner – MEWSIC
    Principal Underwater Welding Engineer
    Process Engineer
    Production Manager – Industrial Service Centre
    Project and Process Engineer
    Project Development Manager
    Project Engineer – Anaerobic Digestion
    Project Manager
    Project Planner
    Proposal Manager
    QA/QC Engineer
    Quality Assistant
    Quality Assurance Engineer (Mechanical)
    Quality Manager
    Quantity Surveyor
    Radiation Protection Advisor
    Radwaste Disposals Lead
    Reliability Engineer – Refinery
    Sales Engineer
    Senior Asset Manager
    Senior C&I Engineer- Nuclear
    Senior Civil Manager – Energy From Waste
    Senior Construction Project Manager – Renewables
    Senior EC&I Engineer – Nuclear
    Senior EC&I Technician – Brand new EfW Power Station
    Senior Ecologist
    Senior Electrical Design Engineer
    Senior Electrical Engineer
    Senior Energy Analyst
    Senior Grid Engineer
    Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
    Senior Process Engineer
    Senior Production Maintenance EC&I Technician
    Senior Project Controls Manager – MEWSIC
    Service Engineer
    Shift Operations Technician
    Shift Team Leader
    Site Civil Engineer
    Site Commercial Manager
    Site Development Manager – CCGT Power Stations
    Site Lead Electrical Commissioning Engineer
    Site Manager
    Site Operative
    Solar and Battery Storage Technician
    Solar Design Engineer
    Solar PV Designer and Estimator
    Steel Erector
    Supply Chain Manager
    Support Operator
    Technical Document Controller – EFW
    Technical Engineering Manager
    Technical Projects Manager
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Technical Sales Engineer – Renewables
    Technical Salesperson
    Trainee Field Technician
    Warranty & Performance Engineer – Energy from Waste

You can view all of Astute’s live job opportunities on our Looking for a job page.

How can I submit my CV?

You can upload your CV on Astute’s Upload your CV page and one of the team will be in touch.

What regions or countries do you provide recruitment services for in the energy industry?

At Astute, we offer comprehensive recruitment services for the energy industry across a global scale. Our reach extends to various regions and countries, ensuring that we can support clients and candidates wherever they may be.

From established energy hubs in regions such as North America and Europe to emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and beyond, we have experience providing recruitment solutions across diverse geographic locations. In 2023 we launched Astute People Inc to specifically provide energy recruitment solutions across USA and Canada.

So, whether you’re based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or any other part of the world, we have the expertise and resources to meet your recruitment needs.

Our extensive network of candidates and clients spans continents, allowing us to connect top talent with leading energy companies worldwide. Whether you’re looking to expand your team locally, nationally, or internationally, we can provide tailored recruitment solutions that align with your business objectives and geographic preferences.

Partner with Astute for global recruitment services in the energy industry, and let us help you find the right talent to drive success in your organisation, no matter where you’re located.

Can you provide examples of companies you've successfully placed candidates with in the energy sector?

Absolutely! You can read some of our client testimonials here: 

Can you provide testimonials from candidates who have utilised your recruitment services?

You can read a selection of our candidate testimonials here:

You can also read our team members’ Great Recruiter reviews on their individual pages on our website.